​In short, Credit Access Point is a web service that retrieves raw credit data from the various bureaus and integrates it into front-end software solutions for underwriting and decisioning purposes. When a user requests a consumer or commercial credit report,     CAP makes a call to receive the raw data from the report and returns it to the user in five unique formats (TXT, PDF, HTML, XML, ARF). This allows the data to be manipulated within the user’s solution to fit current needs and perform the analyses necessary at any given point in the workflow.

CAP has been a vital component of Vision Commerce’s award-winning origination software since 2000. The product is designed such that it can be seamlessly integrated into any software solution to enhance its credit processing capability by facilitating speed and efficiency in the underwriting process. The idea is to optimize business processes for customers of solution providers by limiting time spent processing applications and allowing more time to focus on generating business. For more information on enhancing your solution with the credit reporting capability, give us a call at 1-866-707-9929 or send an email to info@vcreditaccess.com.
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